Professional Training Programmes in Advanced Strategic Coaching®

Effectively, briefly and easily develop talent or help humans transcend their own perceived personal limits with The Coaching Clinic.

Professional Training Programmes in Advanced Strategic Coaching®

Effectively, briefly and easily develop talent or help humans transcend their own perceived personal limits with The Coaching Clinic.

Strategic Coaching® is a new, creative and exciting scientific development in the field of coaching. It is the only truly original model and the only truly coherent model for coaching. It is the model of choice when we want to effectively, briefly and easily develop talent or help humans transcend their own perceived personal limits.

Strategic coaching®, is the only preventative and transformative model of coaching because it works directly and effectively on those aspects of ourselves that we perceive as limiting us and in doing this, prevents problems, but it also builds on what we already do well and allows us to excel further than we imagined possible.



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Strategic Coaching® & Problem Solving

Our expert coaching services will assist managers, corporate executives and team leaders to enhance their performance in very specific areas:


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Why is Advanced Strategic Coaching® So Different?

With over 20 years of experience at senior management level and working as consultants in the organisation field and in delivering professional training programmes in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, in Universities in 7 different countries around the world, we have devised advanced gold standard interventions for some of the most complex human problems one can encounter. Through painstaking research we have devised a new model of Advanced Strategic Coaching ® that now has a proven track record in success and has been delivered in 12 countries globally.

Advanced Strategic Assessment

To be effective as a coach, one must first possess effective and efficient skills to identify and recognize the presence of any ways in which a client can be either emotionally, relationally, cognitively, or behaviorally blocked or inhibited, or any way in which they are prevented from expressing themselves, living and succeeding to their maximum potential.

Advanced Strategic INTERVENTION

At The Coaching Clinic Dublin we believe that the knowledge and skills the coach has must be effective at overcoming these problems and the effect must happen rapidly to prevent further problems, allowing for the emergence of individual talents, energy and capability. Advanced Strategic Coaching® is different from any other model of coaching.

“Our model of coaching unlike many others in the field, is not a patchwork quilt of ideas woven together from numerous theoretical sources and traditions, nor is it based on what the trainer themselves ‘prefers’. It is an advanced, coherent, scientifically crafted relationship that has a rigorous, coherent academic connection forged through research.”

– Dr. Padraic Gibson, Director of Training & Consultation



Advanced Strategic Coaching® allows the coach to practically use everything meaningful at their disposal to solve the coaching problem and to build an effective solution even when they are dealing with problems and issues that appear to be…
… no-win situations.

The Advanced Strategic Coach® guides the person or group to change their perceptions of themselves, others and the world. Leading them to develop new perspectives and perceptions of reality built on their own resources, allowing them to live new experiences and, through this to develop the skills necessary to achieve higher levels of learning, performance and satisfaction.
From this point of view, the strategic coaching is a process of “self-development”, in which the person is led to the emergence of their true potential and the real success of this is that these skills can be transferred to new contexts and new aspects of life..

Making it a much more powerful tool than any other model of coaching, we are exclusively focused on researching and creating interventions that achieve immediate results rather than on the slow open ended development of the person’s potential.

In order to do this, the strategic coach focuses exclusively on “how” the person or the problem functions seeking to unlock and develop resources we avoid the blind alley of asking why the problem exists that leads to very simplistic thinking.

There is a completely false belief that somehow if the person knows why something is happening that they will then somehow change on foot of this knowledge. However ,most people are often very aware of why their problem exists yet feel incapable to create the change that they would like.

Our effective innovative model of advanced strategic Coaching makes it possible to deal effectively and efficiently with complex problems thanks to our research and continual application and scientific evaluation of the interventions.

Through our advanced clinical work and research with some of the most complex and debilitating problems in clinical, educational and organizational settings (Gibson et al., 2013, 2011, Portelli, 2001, 2007, 2013, Nardone, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2009) we have been able to create an evolved and unique model of coaching for the 21st Century, built on real science.

Advanced Strategic Coaching® has a set of strategies and techniques that are never improvised, but are the true expression of an “advanced” technology, made possible by the use of the specialist branch of logic known as “strategic logic” and through the use of “non- ordinary logic”

Advanced Strategic Coaching® also makes use of the wisdom of ancient tradition, such as the Greek and Chinese strategems (Gibson, 2013, 2011, Nardone, 2007). In doing so we are able to effectively use knowledge, skills and pragmatic interventions to rapidly change complex situations.


The world of persuasion, of influence and of communication are of primary importance to our work and there are many who see this as an art, however we prefer to see it as a science, that requires ongoing evaluation and application…
… in order to protect it.

From the ancient work of the sophists in Greece and through the study of rhetoric to the most recent developments of the MRI in Palo Alto California, a model has developed (Gibson 2001, 2011, 2013, Nardone 1997, 2007) of suggestive communication with increasingly advanced, technique known as the “strategic dialogue” (Nardone 2007).

This also radically distinguishes Advanced Strategic Coaching® (ASC) from other approaches: this model allows for concrete effects in the short term.

Since science has shown us that each of us create our own reality, then once a person has acquired the necessary strategic knowledge and techniques and skills, anyone can become capable of avoiding many of the dangerous “mental traps” life throws at us effectively allowing the person to engage in a real process of “self-coaching.”