Meet The Team

Dr. Padraic Gibson – Director of Training & Consultation

Dr. Padraic Gibson is Director of Training and Organization Consultation at The Coaching Clinic, Dublin. Dr. Gibson, is senior research associate at Dublin City University (DCU), where he also lectures in problem solving and strategic thinking.

As a ‘hands on’ consultant he has extensive experience of the ‘actual management’ of staff and teams and comes to coaching and consultation from an academic and practical background. Padraic has worked at senior management level and as Service Director in the Irish health sector for nearly 20 years and in this time has managed millions of Euro’s in funding and has established and managed numerous clinical teams and management boards.

Working as an organization consultant and as a consultant clinical psychotherapist, he is also co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Winning Without Fighting, (Papantuono, Portelli and Gibson 2014). The Coaching Clinic, Dublin was established in 2015 to provide the highest possible, quality training and consultation to individuals, teams and organizations. Dr. Gibson

Dr. Gibson is also a collaborator of Professor Giorgio Nardone and is clinical lecturer and a senior research associate at his Post Graduate School of Psychotherapy, in Tuscany, Italy. He has also published and managed international research including having his work published with the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Claudette Portelli – Consultant Coach & Senior Trainer

Dr. Claudette is a professional coach and teacher at The Coaching Clinic ®. She is Clinical Psychologist, psychotherapist and clinical researcher.

Dr. Portelli is a lecturer in strategic problem and strategic thinking at Dublin City University. She specialises in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Pathologies working in Ireland and internationally she is a lecturer at the University of Malta, working in coaching and leadership training with educational leaders at the Institute of Education in Malta, she is also the director of The OCD Clinic Malta. Dr. Portelli is a clinical lecturer at the Strategic Therapy Center’s-Post Graduate School of Psychotherapy where she also works as a clinical trainer and senior researcher associate.

Claudette is a Scientific Member of the Editorial Board of the Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy European Review she has authoured numerous books on addiction, Social Emotional and Behavioural disorders and is co-author of the acclaimed book, “Knowing Through Changing’’.

She has been a speaker at numerous international conferences and author of numerous scientific articles and has recently completed yet another PhD in the University of Macerata, on Leadership in Educational Settings.

Aaron Gibson – Director of Operations, Dublin

Aaron attended the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and Rathmines College, Dublin, specialising in Marketing and Business.

Aaron has been working with the Coaching Clinic since it opened its doors in 2015 and his main area of interest is in marketing and communication. His primary role as course coordinator is to manage and facilitate all aspects of our in-house course provision and logistics. He is the main contact for enquiries.

Aaron has worked for over 7 years developing the profile of The OCD Clinic ®, Dublin, on social media and with medical professionals and has liaised with many other organizations to further grow the service. He has also co-ordinated all of our previous training programmes and has acted as official organiser for clinical events in Ireland, USA, Malta and Italy.

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi

Since the mid-eighties Dr Azzopardi has worked in the field of human change. He studied Psychology at the University of Malta, Psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and obtained his Doctoral degree from the University of East London and the Tavistock Clinic London, he has also lectured at the University of Malta for many years.

Charlie has presented various seminars and conferences about social problems, human systems and behavioural change on numerous countries. He appeared on many TV and media shows, with the intent of generating awareness on how to achieve better relationships in life.

Charlie is an exceptional trainer and established and has created and delivered postgraduate training programmes in psychotherapy and psychology. He established his the Institute for Family Therapy in Malta.


Dr MATTEO PAPANTUONO Ph.D is a psychologist and psychotherapist with over 20 years of teaching experience in the education field. He is a lecturer at Dublin City University (Ireland). He has collaborated with the University of Salento and University of Reggio Calabria in distance learning courses for 5 years.

He is also the founder and Clinical Director of the Psychosolutions clinic in Ancona (Italy) which specializes in treating challenging psychological problems. He has authored numerous articles in scientific journals focused the psychology of human change.

He coordinated a European project (SLID), which was aimed at helping young people with disabilities to integrate fully in the working place, which led to the creation of the manual entitled “Disability & Work” (2014). In 2017, he published together with Claudette Portelli, the presidential award-winning book on New addictions. His recent international research investigated Diversity Management.

Marika Azzopardi, B.A

Marika Azzopardi is the Senior Administrator at the Coaching Clinic Malta® and has been Director, Senior Administrator and founding member of the renowned, Institute of Family Therapy Malta (IFT).

In her time she has initiated numerous strategies that have seen it grow exponentially. Her wide and varied expertise in organisational administration, social media, writing, journalism and the arts has contributed hugely to the status of the organisation’s professional and social recognition.

As a History of Art graduate, she has published extensively on the arts, personality interviews, features and researched articles in various print media, blogs and websites working with junior and adult fiction as well as various chapters within specialised literary arts publications.

Richard Hogan

Richard Hogan is a senior consultant and specialised trainer at the Coaching Clinic®, with extensive experience in leadership and relationship management.

Richard is a professionally qualified Clinical Psychotherapist registered in Europe and Ireland and his column each Thursday in the Irish Examiner, is seen as a must read. His writing explores modern issues facing human systems, such as leadership and family. He was recently nominated for a journalistic award.

His best-selling book, “Parenting the Scrennager” is the most practical guide for busy parents of the modern child. The book has received critical acclaim from The Irish Times as a ‘must buy for anyone parenting a teenager’. He is the clinical director of the award-winning counselling service Therapy Institute and he has been invited by Trinity College Dublin to undertake a PhD exploring how to introduce systemic theory into the Irish educational system and he is regular contributor to TV, Radio and print media.


“ … Dr Gibson’s training was really interesting and relevant to colleagues at all levels. His personable style and capacity to clearly convey his deep expertise of the subject matter in a manner that all attendees could grasp and relate to was particularly appreciated... ”

Fergal Cullen, Principal Officer,  Business Services Unit, Corporate Services Division

“… Frontline Make Change availed of training provided by Dr Padraic Gibson and his team. It has to be one of the most positive engaging sessions the organisation has availed of especially the sessions on use of strategic dialogue. His team are at the top of their game... ”

Stuart Fraiser, Clinical Director Frontline, Drug and Alcohol Services, Dublin 8

"... thoroughly Engaging and informative workshops packed with information and ideas... "

Barbara Kirkpatrick, Community Services Manager, RehabCare

" As training goes this was exceptional, our team learnt so much and all it was all so practical."

Liz Grehan, Senior Manager and Principal Social Worker

“ …training with Dr Gibson was energising, empowering, though provoking and informative. We now plan interventions based on what the have learned there."

Louise Casey, Principal Medical Social Worker, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Studies

“As a university professor, I cannot recommend the training enough….students consistently evaluated the training as being of highest quality, engaging and instructive... ’’

Professor Jeff Jackson, PhD., Virginia Tech University, Virgina. USA